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The spring of the cement market will not be far behind in the cold winter
— —The spring of the cement market will not be far behind in the cold winter--Speech of Kong Xiangzhong at the Winter Cement Dislocation Production Conference in North China
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From October 23 to December 27 this year, just two months, the cement company's peak production operation are like a relay race on a sports field. It started in Xinjiang in October, started in the three northeastern provinces in November, and advanced in northern China in December. Today, we held a winter peak production conference for cement companies in the Pan-North China region in Jinan. Three days ago, the Guanzhong region in the northwest began a peak production shift. It can be seen that the peak production has the consensus of the vast majority of cement companies. The industry self-discipline that benefits the country, the Leemin enterprise, has received the attention and support from the government authorities, and as an industry association, it is of course necessary to actively promote and do this work.

In my opinion, the dislocation production of cement companies should include three different peaks: The first is that winter cement kiln calcination and heating boilers are at peak load, reducing the pollution brought about by winter coal-fired peaks in the north; Second, peak production of electricity for cement production in summer and the peak of electricity consumption for civil air-conditioning and lighting are at the peak of production. This will benefit the people; Third, the end of the year the local government to control the peak load of the peak load of the environmental load. The peak shift production will become the normal content of industry self-discipline of our cement industry association. The peak shift production is not only conducive to environmental benefits, social benefits, and business benefits, but also a new way to resolve excess productive capacity.

The main body of the peak shift production is the cement enterprise. Without the conscious and active participation of companies, there is no sense of social responsibility and it is very difficult to carry out peak shift production. Through the concerted action of the peak shift production, cement companies have formed a community of interests and mutual trust and mutual trust.

The organization of the peak shift production is an industry association. The use of fault peak production as important content of industry self-regulation, the use of industry associations' platform, organization and coordination of good peak production, also provides good services for enterprises, and has done practical work for the development of the industry.

The leader of the peak shift production is the government department in charge. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the provinces and cities (Ministry of Economics and Information Technology) has attached great importance to the peak production of the cement industry and guided the industry to resolve the issue of serious overcapacity.

The promotion of the peak shift production is the propaganda medium. The timely dissemination of reports on the significance and actions of the peak-to-peak production has played a role in accelerating the development of the peak-shift production and has enhanced the influence of the cement industry in implementing a harmonious society and promoting transformation and upgrading.

The China Cement Association will continue to take the lead in organizing and coordinating the development of cement peak production in different regions. In close cooperation with provincial and municipal associations, we implemented the peak shifting production actions, summed up the experience of peak shifting production, improved the measure for shifting peak production, and made practical results.

Our cement companies, especially large companies, must take the lead in carrying out the self-discipline convention in the peak production, with emphasis on ensuring the supply of cement products in the winter market and the treatment of employees during the suspension of kiln operations. We must do a good job in equipment overhaul and technological transformation of energy conservation and emission reduction. The guidance of the government and the incentives that can be expected will make cement peak production more solid and will also make companies more enthusiastic.

Finally, I would like to gratitude the provinces and cities associations that have made efforts to implement the winter peak production of cement companies in the four provinces and cities in North China. Thanks to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the department head of the provinces, cities, and municipalities, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (ICC) for their great attention and support to the cement industry, thanks to all the staff of the leading cement companies and the conference team for their hard work and full sponsorship.

In the winter of this year, we felt the coldness of the market, but we even felt the warmth of next spring. Because the peak production is the spring breeze that dissolves the cold and brings warmth, the cement people are coming to spring.

Thank you!