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The Age of Technology and the Outlook for Environmental Manufacturing
Time:2017-12-05 Source:
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The Ministry released Guidance on Speeding up the Development of Environmental Equipment Manufacturing Industry lately, which is referred to Guideline following. It is proposed to achieve the output value of 10000 billion by 2020, which is a good policy for the environmental equipment manufacturing to accelerate development.

Compared to the Plan of Energy-saving Environmental Protection Industry Development in 13th Five-Year, it adopts the pattern of "big and full + small and accuracy" to develop environmental equipment enterprises in the Guideline. What’s more, it is emphasized that the overall layout should be refined to foster 10 leading enterprises in scale of 10 billion and 1,000 small enterprises. Then several industrial clusters with strong driving effects and distinctive features (10+1000+N) will be formed, and the construction of the echelons will be more detailed.

In general, the competition and the innovation of future environmental industry will be more reflected on the environmental equipment. The next ten years will be the age of technical products.

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It is required to strengthen synergistical and innovative development of technology and research in the Guideline. Enterprises should be encouraged to break through key generic technologies, achieve accurate research and development, improve efficiency of product research and development, and tackle several key technical equipment and materials for pollution control.

Equipment is the necessary choice to optimize the operation of environmental protection technology and realize energy conservation and emission reduction. To achieve the minimum operation and optimal effect and investment, it must be the efficient coupling of good technology and core equipment. So, the Guideline attaches great importance on synergistical and innovative development of technology and research. It should attach importance on the fusion of technology and core equipment in the design and development process of domestic environmental equipment to improve the relative surplus of conventional products and the obviously insufficient supply of core equipment and high-end equipment.

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It is required to promote the transformation for intelligent and green production in the Guideline. The modular design and standardization manufacturing of non-standard products should be explored. The application of Internet of Things, robots, automation equipment, and information management software should be generalized in the process of production.

The imperfection of the standard system is the primary factor that causes the low end of the all environmental equipment manufacturing industry and the market chaos. So, it is difficult to guarantee the effect and quality of the application of environmental equipment. Compared with the developed countries, the European Union, the United States and Germany have formed a relatively complete standard system, which has the corresponding standard and matching for the series of problems in the whole process of the equipment manufacturing, installation, transportation, operation and management.

However, the environmental equipment manufacturing industry for green pursuit is more about technological innovation and system optimization. The green design, technology, production management, supply chain and recycling concept run through the whole product life cycle, to achieve the lowest environmental impact and the most efficient resource utilization in the whole industrial chain, and ultimately achieve the coordination and optimization of economic benefits, ecological benefits and social benefits.

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The Guidance requires to promote the development of products diversification and branding to strengthen the brand construction of environmental equipment products.

Nowadays, competition in enterprises has shifted from product quality and service competition to a higher stage of brand competition. The intangible value of the brand will bring huge market share and economic benefits to the enterprises. Therefore, the Guidance strengthens the development of products branding, urges the industry to strengthen management, control cost, protect intellectual property, and build strong brand to realize the transformation and upgrading of the environmental equipment manufacturing industry.

The era of China's environmental equipment brand has come, and it needs to create brand advantages for environmental equipment. The industry will set up brand benchmarking to enter the brand era, maintain the healthy and orderly development of the industry, and constantly encourage the advanced things and eliminating backwardness through the formation and maintenance of the market brand.

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The Guidance requires that guide industry development in differentiation, convergence and integration. It encourages the leading enterprises of environmental equipment to develop to an integrated service provider with system design, equipment manufacturing, engineering construction, commissioning and maintenance, operation and management integration. While, developing the Small and medium-sized enterprises to product specialization, research deepening, service specialization and new industrial form.

At present, the innovation ability of the environmental equipment manufacturing industry is not strong, and the low-end product is seriously competitive with the same quality, and the problems are still outstanding. It is the consensus that the differentiation is the power point of fast occupying the market, and the key of competition in service differentiation is whether it can be intelligent. The Guidance encouraging enterprises to focus on the market demand, iterate the product continuously, optimize the service, and form the differentiated products close to the subdivision market. At the same time, using the Internet of things to achieve service upgrading from point to surface, which not only meets the requirements of the times and customers, but also greatly improves the productivity of equipment.

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Technology equipment, manufacturing standardization and landscaping have become the core elements of the future development of environmental equipment manufacturing industry. It can be predicted that the power of intermediary services in the industry can focus on developing the standards and norms, promoting the leading technology products and implementing the best practice plan.

The future of environmental equipment manufacturing industry will be bright. Technology equipment, equipment standardization, intellectualization and serialization are the inevitable trend in development of industry, and they are the main starting point of industrial transformation and upgrading. At the same time, the way forward is tortuous. For example, it needs to achieve effective combination of technology and core equipment, which requires better talents to give overall considerations for the Internet, manufacturing, application and market in the process of technology equipment. The transboundary talents in this respect will be the backbone of the future industry and the new generation of "product manager" in the environmental protection industry.

However, there is still a lot of shortage for this kind of talent to be cultivated and introduced in the industry. In the process of technology equipment, the development of China's environmental equipment manufacturing industry has been greatly accelerated by relying on the existing sufficient technological support, policy and financial guarantee. In the future, our country needs to learn foreign development experience which has more scientific and perfect research methods, better technology demonstration and verification service system, and more sound mechanisms to ensure the healthy development of the environmental equipment manufacturing industry. Meanwhile, it can invigorate the endogenous impetus of the industry development and the vitality of the market subject and promote green development.