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The Rehearsal Of Emergency Rescue For Solving Hazardous Waste Poisoning In Sinoma- Liyang Environmental Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Time:2017-12-19 Source:
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In November 2017, Sinoma- Liyang Environmental Engineering Co.,Ltd. suspended the operation and production of the hazardous waste workshop because the expired production license for hazardous waste was verified and renewed. In this period, the Sinoma- Liyang factory had a comprehensive training for the staff and workers involved in the production of hazardous waste. This training mainly included the layouts, production process flows, safety operation regulations and emergence plans of hazardous waste workshop and so on. Especially in November 15th, a rehearsal of "emergency rescue for solving hazardous waste poisoning" was carried out in order to enhance the knowledge and skills of the company's employees in the field of safety production and emergency rescue. Anyhow, the more the employees' safety awareness and emergency skills improve, the more safeguard the life safety and safety production will get.

According to the previous rehearsal scheme, the poisoned person should timely be lifted to the fresh air by a rescue stretcher when the workers in the hazardous waste workshop were found poisoned and fainted. And after being away from the hazardous waste working environment, it is necessary that this situation should quickly be reported to the director of hazardous waste workshop, Di GuoZhong.

Moreover, after checking out their own protective wear, the workers were identifying the potential dangers of the working scene environment such as the system of pumping and exhausting, the alarm system and the suspicious leaks.

After receiving the message of the staff poisoning, Di Guozhong went to the front line of the accident field immediately and reported the scene situation to the chief commander of the company's emergency headquarters, Deng Shaojiang.

Then and there, Deng immediately convened the relevant personnel and arranged the emergency measures and vehicles. Meanwhile, he was on scene commander at first time.

When the emergency rescuers of the company were in place, Di Guozhong was checking the pulse and signs of poisoning personnel to decide whether to take the first aid on the spot. Meanwhile, he demonstrated the first aid process for the emergency rescuers.

After the rehearsal was completed, Deng fully affirmed everyone the positive performance and emphasized the importance of safety production again. He hoped all the staff experience the value of our lives and improve the safety awareness from this rehearsal. Besides, it is required that all the staff strictly follow the principle of "four not hurt" and the company's safety operating regulations, to achieve the company's goals of safety productions.

Through this rehearsal, all the staff had a more sensible understanding in the field of emergency rescue knowledge such as the alarming, the first aid, the use of rescue equipment, the cooperation and tacit agreement between the rescuers and the implementation of emergency rescue programs. Meanwhile, everyone profoundly understood the importance of ensuring own safety in the production. Only under the premise of safety guaranteed, could the production efficiency be improved to achieve a win-win benefit between the company and the individual.