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The Successful Roof Capping of Taoyuan Waste Project
Time:2018-01-26 Source:
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The construction project of cement rotary kiln co-processing 50000 tons hazardous wastes in a year was finished on 12th January,2004.

The construction project began in August 2017 which had been carried out on comprehensively since 18th September. However, the temperature in Lv Liang where the project is located, has fallen to below zero, with cold, rainy and snowy weather conditions since October. How to take effective construction measures in winter is the key to the promotion of the project. The project department takes the project progress, the quality and the safety as the center, and takes the scientific management way as the means to carry forward the spirit of hard work. In the unfavorable conditions for winter construction, we developed special construction plans and emergency plans, coordinate the organization of each subcontractor actively. Each procedure has been assigned, and each construction node has been implemented. The team work spirit and the subjective initiative has been inspired. After months of hard work, all the workshops in the project have been successfully finished.

It is the key node to finish the structure in the construction of the hazardous waste in Tao Yuan. The project department will maintain the hard-working style to strive for the early completion of the follow-up project construction and achieve the standard. Then a demonstration project for harmless and synergistic disposal of waste in cement kiln can be set up in Lv Liang.