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Vice Premier Ma Kai attended to the innovation achievement exhibition of the central enterprises and praised China Building Materials
— —The transformation and upgrading of China building materials group can be in the forefront
Time:2017-12-05 Source: CNBM Return list

At the afternoon of November 3rd, vice premier of the State Council, the national new material industry development group leader Ma Kai was accompanied by Hao Peng, Secretary of the SASAC director Xiao Yaqing visited the central enterprises to implement the new concept of development, in-depth implementation of innovation driven development strategy, vigorously promote the achievement of management work exhibition booth Chinese building materials group. Song Zhiping, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of China Building Materials Group, reported to Ma Kai Vice Premier about the innovation and transformation of the group and the emergence of new material business, and introduced the ten new materials and related products exhibited by China Building Materials Group.

Deputy Prime Minister Ma Kai heard Song Zhiping familiar the CIGS thin film solar cell, cadmium telluride thin film solar cell, T800 carbon fiber, lithium ion membrane, silicon nitride ceramic ball bearings, and electronic display thin glass, quartz glass, high voltage porcelain, glass fiber, gypsum board, plus energy housing the product, deputy prime Minister Ma Kai kept nodding. When the Chinese building materials group-built kiloton production line T800 high performance carbon fiber, solve the Chinese high-end carbon fiber "card neck" problem, Deputy Prime Minister Ma Kai in the best of spirits with asked the T800 carbon fiber yield, cost and price. He learned that the performance index of domestic T800 grade carbon fiber reached the advanced level of international similar products, and greatly lowered the price of imported carbon fiber. He fully affirmed this.

Vice Premier Ma Kai also inquired in detail about the operation of new materials in the transformation process of China's building materials. When he learned that the new material business accounted for 1/3 of the group's business revenue and annual profit reached 10 billion, he was delighted to say, "China's building materials can be called Chinese materials". He also said that the nineteen-major proposed to deepen the transformation and upgrading, China's building materials are to transition to high-end products, can be in the forefront. Secretary Hao Peng and director Xiao Yaqing also highly affirmed the innovation and development of the group in the new materials.

This exhibition focused China building materials group new building materials, high performance fibers, advanced composite materials, polymer membrane materials, optical glass, special function glass, high-end industrial ceramics, graphite-based carbon materials, artificial crystal materials such as ten new materials, and with energy of 5 new houses. Peng Shou, vice president of China building materials, general manager of Kasen science and technology, Liu Ying, President of Sinoma technology, and Zhi Xiao, director of science and technology management of China Building Materials Group, participated in exhibitions.