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Completion Acceptance of Co-disposal of Domestic Waste Project by Cement Kiln in Chaohu
Time:2017-11-01 Source: Return list

In October 2017, the project called “Co-disposal of Domestic Waste Project by Cement Kiln in Chaohu” contracted by Sinoma International Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd was successfully completed and delivered to the owner. This project treats 500 tons of garbage generated in Chaohu and surrounding countries every day by two 5000t/d cement clinker production lines of B and C in Sinoma Anhui Cement Co., Ltd. And it makes Chaohu's living garbage completely resourceful with no residue, no sewage and no secondary pollution on the same day. Then the Chaohu shows the beauty of the past.

The waste sorting technology used in this project is the third-generation technology of our company. The technology is becoming more and more perfect, whether the design of the project, the internal structure, or the acceptance system and the odor disposal system. It can set an example for the company to develop the technologies for sludge, hazardous waste, contaminated soil, kitchen waste, fruit and vegetable in the future.